Thinking Out Loud

I feel like I'm on a quest for self discovery and I'm looking for that ahh haa moment that Oprah always talk about. I know I am better than my current position in life and I need to do better. At my core I'm a regular girl from the Bronx but I cant settle for just getting by.

Its more than not wanting the title or stigma of being poor. It's the lifestyle of having the opportunity to experience life in ways that will encourage you to be creative and explore. Of course I want the glam of having labels in my closet, driving nice cars and living in a beautiful home. Yet, I have a driving need for the opportunity to be inspired and turning it into something that will inspire others. 

I've gotten to the point where I'm done sitting around waiting for it to come to me. I'm going to put my self out there to find it. I'm looking forward to indulging in the things that I find interesting and not being afraid to let my voice be heard.