I Heart Writing

The first poem I ever wrote was in elementary school. I was in my after school program and made a poem about love. My counselors loved it and showed everyone. Even though I forgot my words I will never forget the feeling of my thoughts being received well and praised. 

In high school I had a language arts teacher who gave us a weekly assignment to write in a journal every week. There were no rules. She wasn't concerned with grammar, we were just encouraged to share. It was cool for me, I really enjoyed that part of her class. Sometimes she would reply to the things I wrote. I became comfortable with writing my thoughts and anytime I had a writing assignment I felt confident that I will do well.

In college I wrote a paper that my professor gave me an A+ and wanted to submit it to the school paper but I declined because It made me nervous. I wrote about the word Nigga and the difference in whats meant when you use it from my perspective. I wonder what would have come from sharing that piece. Looking back writing has always been special to me and I wish i would have stuck with it. It's been a struggle to get back on track.

These days my only writing has been via text message when I'm upset with my boyfriend. Our on going joke is that he thinks I have enough material to write a novel at this point. My plan is to work on improving my writing and sharing my art in a more productive way. I'm seriously considering taking a creative writing class to help me get on track.